Video Production Services
Fast, dependable, and affordable videography passionately executed.

VJ Synesthesia
VJ: Live video manipulation to music. "Video Jockey"
Synesthesia: A blending of the senses. "Syn·es·the·sia"
  • Artistic Visuals to Live Music or DJ's
  • Enhancement of Live Action (Multi-media Productions)
  • Standard Video Projection for Events (Such as during a speech or corporate event.)
  • Themed Visuals (Images to mirror an idea, esthetic, or motif.)
  • Video Projector Rental

Audio Recording Studio
Intimate home studio.

Web site Development
Quick, effective web sites for much less.

Music Lessons
Music Theory explained simply.

  • Specific Instruction for Guitar, Saxophone, Harmonica
  • Music Theory and Ear Training

Video Production
VJ (Live Video Projection): Video Coming Soon!
Audio Recording Studio: Singer Songwriter album, "Sea".
Web Development: See sample sites.

"Why" - a documentary
Using the personal stories of several artists bringing large scale art to Burning Man 2010 and 2011 as well as interviews of participants on-playa, other artists and event producers, and interviews of neurologists, evolutionary biologists, and sociologists, this film will flush out the most fundamental answers to the question "Why do we do what we do?" more...